The greatest version of you is a balanced you, a whole you!
Progress > Perfection
If the world ended tomorrow, could you unequivocally say you are happy with the life you've lived so far?
Alignment of your values, passion and legacy is the new success and success is fluid!

My Commitment
to You

I coach executive leaders to live a more fulfilled and balanced life personally and professionally.

Becoming the greatest version of yourself requires :

courage to face the past

patience and accountability to execute in the present 

clarity to articulate the future 

Coaching Focus

I can help you get there.

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My name is Mike, I’m an enterprise sales leader in healthcare. My entire focus is to aid large organizations provide a better member experience and better access to high quality healthcare when they need to have surgery.

I reached out to Lamarr to do some recalibration work after the COVID shut downs. Like everyone, my world was thrown into chaos and I knew I needed to refocus.

I worked with Lamarr over three sessions with the goal of getting focused back to what I was originally working towards. He gave me several assignments that allowed me to get granular on my core values and align those with my goals. Through those exercises and our discussions, I came out re-invigorated and refocused. Especially on the things I can and cannot control.

Not only would I recommend Lamarr, I can tell you that we will be continuing our work together as I get ready to tackle my next professional challenge, running a national sales team.

Mike G

Mike G

I’m an HR consultant, solo entrepreneur, and soon-to-be wife. I am passionate about all of these areas in my life wanting to give each of them all of my attention while knowing that balance is key to my own satisfaction in *any* of these areas. I’ve worked with Lamarr twice in the past year to help me examine what I actually want, set goals, and make commitments to ensure that I’m putting my energy in the best places at a given time. Our first time, he helped me frame what I was already after. Our goals were audacious and one day he sent me my goals and I saw that I had met literally all of them!

The COVID-19 crisis changed a lot for my life, as it did for everyone. I called Lamarr to help me examine and frame my new reality so that I could show up as powerfully as possible in a deeply disempowering time in my life. He made space for me to say what was real about how I felt and what I feared — quite a different tone than our last session the year before. Through his inquiry, listening, and synthesis I was able to see what needed to be tackled to help me have peace of mind, and it wasn’t at all what I expected! I had expected to set goals about my work and personal responsibilities, but really what I needed was alignment with my fiance about our plans for retirement and goals for our partnership. It was a clearing of so much weight I’d be carrying all on my own.

Lamarr invites you into your best life by helping you reflect on what matters most to you. He doesn’t impose his idea of success or failures on to your life experience, rather, his approach walks you through an honest examination of your values and desires then helps you create the roadmap to help you get there.

I would 100% recommend Lamarr!

Erin H

Erin H

My name is Tylena Adudu and I’m a certified health coach. I help couples and individuals on their path towards optimal health, focusing on accountability and encouragement, community, education and mindset, and rock solid nutrition.  

I worked with Lamarr for about eight weeks. Coaching with Lamarr exceeded my expectations entirely! I walked away from each session with the ability to give language to who I am and how I want to show up in the world. Before coaching with Lamarr, I worked in donor development and everything felt rote and laborious. I felt stuck and confused on what was next for me as I felt stirring in my heart that where I was, wasn’t it! 

I was able to solidify my values, which act as anchors in my decision making process. In fact, meeting with Lamarr gave me the confidence, belief in myself, and the WHY behind my desire to leave my 9-5 job to focus on things that made my heart come alive.  He even provided me with best practices as it pertained to leaving well, and things to be mindful of as I pursued entrepreneurship.  I left honoring my employer and stepped into what I’ve desired for a long time – to be home with my family while developing a web-based/virtual business helping people get healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Lamarr’s coaching path. The takeaways I gained from our sessions are innumerable and invaluable.

Tylena A.

Tylena A.


One of the greatest life lessons I learned was  from working with young people. They  showed me that when life comes at you fast it’s hard to focus on your future, because the traumas of our life are so present.

Fast forward 10 or 15 years and you are now 23, 30, or 37 and the childhood traumas you experienced still holds you back from being the greatest version of yourself. Our past is so connected to our present. For me, I didn’t break free of my mental prison until I was 32. I had a conversation with my father about our relationship that I was scared to have for 18 years. I cried, he spoke. In 20 minutes I lifted the heaviest burden off of my soul to become a better partner, father, brother, son, speaker, entrepreneur and ultimately a better coach for you.

Once you’re free, the mind is able to create and flourish while your greatness is being held to a higher standard by a coach, ME! As you move into the future I want to ensure you are confident in your decision making to fight against the fluidity and insecurity that can plague our lives. I’m not coaching you for just results. I’m coaching you to show up authentically and powerfully as your whole self while living the most fulfilled life you can possibly create for yourself!